DHS Secretary Hammers Misinformed Liberals Over Family Border Policy

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is snapping back at critics and an ill-informed media for spreading falsehoods about the United States policy when it comes to separating children from their families at the southern border.

As an example, S.E. Cupp, host of her own HLN Network show tweeted out a picture designed to emotionally startle over the current illegal immigration battle.

In it, Cupp was shown in a beautiful picture holding her baby, but couched it with criticism “of this awful Trump policy at the border that rips children away from their families.”

“THIS MUST STOP,” she implored.

I’m lucky. I got to hold this nugget in my arms. I still get to. Imagine you’re a mommy who can’t, because of this awful Trump policy at the border that rips children away from their families. THIS MUST STOP. pic.twitter.com/mt584HtdHj

— S.E. Cupp (@secupp) June 16, 2018


There are a lot of lies and half-truths to unpackage in the media’s sudden outrage over a policy that was around during the Obama administration.

First off, in this case, it’s not a Trump policy it’s the law and second, Cupp wouldn’t have any threat of losing her child unless she broke said law.

Nielsen is tired of the lies being spread and points out there is a simple method of avoiding having children separated from their parents – follow the damn law.

“This misreporting by Members, press & advocacy groups must stop,” she wrote. “It is irresponsible and unproductive.”

This misreporting by Members, press & advocacy groups must stop. It is irresponsible and unproductive. As I have said many times before, if you are seeking asylum for your family, there is no reason to break the law and illegally cross between ports of entry.

— Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen (@SecNielsen) June 17, 2018


She’s also making a very valid point in that there is a proper method for seeking asylum which will not lead to families being separated. Why? Because it’s the legal way to do things.

You are not breaking the law by seeking asylum at a port of entry.

— Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen (@SecNielsen) June 17, 2018

For those seeking asylum at ports of entry, we have continued the policy from previous Administrations and will only separate if the child is in danger, there is no custodial relationship between ‘family’ members, or if the adult has broken a law.

— Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen (@SecNielsen) June 17, 2018


Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) admitted as much saying a child will be removed if he or she is in possible danger because they are being used by a non-family member to gain entry.

“Keep in mind that, under the law, you can separate a child if that person — the adult — is not the real parent or the custodian,” he explained, “because sometimes we see situations where they’ll bring a child because they know of the policy that we have over here with children.”

Even beyond that, if the media and Democrats were so upset about this policy, they had a chance to speak up over a month ago when Nielsen explained during a congressional hearing that if asylum seekers were to use specific ports of entry, they would not be breaking the law and would not be detained.

We will not let our laws be exploited by smugglers, traffickers and criminals. @DHSgov will refer ALL individuals who cross our borders illegally for prosecution.

— Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen (@SecNielsen) May 4, 2018


“It’s not a philosophy, it’s a law Congress passed,” Nielsen said to a clearly befuddled Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA). “So those people need to come to the ports if they want to seek asylum.”

There it is – spelled out in black and white. Cross through legal ports of entry and families will not be separated, asylum seekers will not be breaking the law.

Whose fault is it that these children are separated due to the law? It’s the alleged family members who are endangering the welfare of a child.

“I will say the reason they’re detained is because they illegally crossed our border,” Nielsen noted during the hearing.

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