Dennis Miller on Biden: “The guy should be in the backseat on a Sonic commercial … I think Biden, if he gets into a debate with Trump, it’s over.”



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Troubled, the glory days.

>> It’s been three years since I’ve been on fox and I noticed Donna Brazile sent over questions this afternoon. I’ve been lying around all day, marinated in some Hydroxychloroquine, going to knock back a couple zithromax and Jell-O shooters later and I’m going to binge watch aqualung’s and Biden’s looper real. I can’t believe anyone is endorsing this guy. I know he lost his fastball but I’ve been watching them lately. I think he lost his curve, and his slider and you think is wearing his cup as a letter and 95 mask.

>> Sean: Oh!

>> The guy should be in the backseat on a Sonic commercial. His plan for dealing with COVID-19 is he asks it to step outside but whoever is working the Geppetto strings over there, I seriously think they made a consequential problem in his campaign. In Biden, he had to do that thing where if he wants advice I will talk to him. When Trump takes him up on that, and establish some sort of collegial interchange between the two guys come it humanized him. I think Biden, if he gets into a debate with Trump, it’s over. He can’t do that and he had a way to not do that play that game where he said I would not step on the debate stage with Donald Trump. I would not normalize or legitimize him. Brought about by Biden saying, I’d like to talk to him. I think he has to do it, and I’m telling you if he steps out on the debate stage in front of Donald Trump on live television they might as well send him out carrying in acme firecracker crate because it’s over. I see AOC endorsed him today on The View and I miss that, across the pacific with the rabid Meerkat. But I’m telling you they are going to use you will. She wants 15,000 votes in the New York district. They let her play and Biden will get to the point where he has to bring middle America and he is going to take her out, it’s frivolous.
>> Sean: By the way, this has