Dems Flying to Philly This Week Will Get THIS Epic Special Message From Trump Fans

A Trump fan who happens to live in the flight path for Philadelphia International Airport wanted to send a message to any liberals flying in for the Democratic convention this week.

So she opted for a very subtle, one-word effort. Across the roof of her house. In giant block letters!

What is it that Democrats flying overhead will see as they head in for the DNC?

Check it out …


Tracey Lang Scrivano posted the picture to a Facebook group named Friends Who Support Donald J. Trump.

She said she placed the “sign up on the roof for all the Democrats coming in to Philadelphia for the convention!”

“When they start flying in they will see it,” she wrote, and “they will be know that they are in Trump territory!”

The overwhelming sentiment from others on the page was simply – Awesome!

In April, a former police detective built his own Trump sign on the roof of his home so that people flying in during the Republican primary would see it.

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