A Democrat Assemblyman from the Bronx and another from Harlem are in a bit of hot water after one of them posted a YouTube video of their visit to the Dominican Republic in 2005, in which the lawmakers ask a young woman about her “body measures”, point the camera at her backside, discuss a drink that can help them get “laid” with “young ones.”

Via Politicker:

Assemblyman José Rivera said he did not mean to offend anyone with a bizarre video that appears to show the Bronx lawmaker discussing the sexual benefits of “mamajuana” and ogling young women in the Dominican Republic moodle allesen.

The version he posted contains three sections.

In the first, Mr. Rivera, wearing a blue “The Bronx” hat, is shown strolling down the street, chatting with strangers and “enjoying all the beautiful things this country has to offer,” according to Mr books as pdf. Duque’s translation, which was verified by two Spanish speakers at the Observer.

“Do you happen to have a little sister?” he asks one woman, who replies in the negative photo editing program for free. “Ah, well, that’s my bad luck!”

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He then approaches a vendor to discuss “mamajuana”–a traditional alcoholic beverage made with rum, red wine, twigs and bark that is a rumored aphrodisiac musik downloaden legal und kostenlos. The vendor explains the drink is made with different roots:

RIVERA: From different roots which leaves me feeling…
VENDOR: Hard herunterladen!
RIVERA: Strong enough to get laid with all those young ones. (Said as he points off-screen.)
VENDOR: A child! A little girl! (He laughs.)

The assemblyman then takes a whiff of the beverage and jumps up and down dramatically, before showing off his purchase to the camera stol.it herunterladen.

In the third section, Mr. River appears to take command of the camera, and is joined by a man identified by the video as former Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV adressen programm kostenlosen. The pair proceed to chat up a young woman, asking her if she knows anyone in New York and her name.

“Where do you live, what is your street address kriegsspiele zum herunterladen. What are your body measures?” Mr. Rivera asks her. The video ends with a close-up of the young woman’s behind.

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Rivera and Powell both defended their actions in the video herunterladen.  Rivera claimed he is a victim of changing times, while Powell explained that the video was meant to be educational, showing young men how to flirt with girls download images with link.

Yes, seriously…

First, Rivera:

The 77-year-old Rivera also indicated he was a victim of changing times.

“If you hear the conversation, it could be interpreted as I acted inappropriately. I said the wrong thing. This is different times now than our lifetimes. If you were able to use the whistle of the wolf, it was okay in the old days. You can’t do that no more.”

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And now Powell:

Powell defended the video as “respectful flirting.”

“It’s meant as an educational video,” he said. “A lot of young men don’t know how to flirt.”

Powell would also go on to tell Politicker that when the video was made in 2005, both he and the 77-year-old Rivera were “young and sexy.”

Watch the video and judge for yourself…