Why should Americans take Democrats’ partisan impeachment sham seriously? Not even Democrats in the room are doing that.

Rep. Cedric Richmond was caught watching golf in the Judiciary Committee (very “prayerfully” and “solemnly” and “somberly,” of course).


Chairman Jerry Nadler fell asleep.


Rep. Karen Bass voted with her party without even knowing what they were voting on, and Rep. Ted Deutch did the same.


Every day, Democrats’ provide more proof that this is a conviction in search of a crime.

After all, two-thirds of Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee voted for impeachment before President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine.

When will they stop violating norms, undermining our institutions, and doing Putin’s bidding simply because they hate the president?

Their rigged impeachment process is a total joke, and an embarrassment to the country. No wonder Americans are tuning out and turning against this gross display of raw partisanship.

One thing is for certain: Democrats’ quest to undo the results of the 2016 election and get revenge on behalf of the Clintons will be their undoing in 2020.

Get ready for four more years of President Trump, Nancy.

Via Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.