Democrats Question the Character of Another War Hero

Earlier today we had the DCCC calling Lee Zeldin (R), an Iraq War veteran, a coward and tweeting pictures of him as the Cowardly Lion.  Of course, this isn’t the first time that New York Democrats have looked down upon our war veterans.  Congresswoman Nita Lowey recently ripped Chris Day (R) for having no experience or qualifications to serve in Congress, despite being a bronze star award winner with two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now there is this abomination – Sean Eldridge, whose claim to fame is having married into money and using those financial resources in an attempt to purchase a seat in Congress, has set up a website calling his opponent Chris Gibson, double-talking hypocrite who is lying to people to benefit his political career.

NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior released a statement about the website designed to smear a war hero:

Chris Gibson has more character in his pinky finger than does an army of Sean Eldridges. For someone whose idea of public service is trying to buy a seat in Congress, Eldridge has quite a bit of nerve attacking the character of a war hero whose service to this country is worth far more than Eldridge’s mansions and multimillionaire bank account.

Gibson, in contrast to Eldridge, a man that the media and people in his own district can’t even seem to locate, is an accomplished war hero who doesn’t need to resort to cheap tactics to embellish his political career.

He is a 24-year veteran, having served in the first Persian Gulf War, Kosovo, and Iraq.  He has been awarded two Legions of Merit, four Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart, a Joint Service Commendation Medal, a Combat Infantry Badge with Star, a Master Parachutist Badge, a Ranger Tab, and multiple campaign medals.  In short, he was a decorated war hero long before he became an accomplished congressman.

Eldridge married a guy that helped invent the Poke button.

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