The New York Post’s Fred Dicker spoke to some well placed Democrat operatives about the potential of a presidential run for Governor Andrew Cuomo, should the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal prevent her from running instagram story app.

None of the Democrats spoke very fondly about the notion of a President Cuomo.

One such individual, described as “one of the state’s best-known Democratic operatives” told the Post that “people in the party all hate him.”

Another said the Democrat mantra is pretty much “anybody but Cuomo.”

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Via the New York Post:

In a series of interviews remarkable for their hostility toward Cuomo, several top Democrats well known to the public told The Post that should Clinton be forced to abandon her quest for the presidency by the scandal over her private State Department email accounts, there is no clear alternative for New Yorkers hugo das spiel kostenlos downloaden.

“But who it won’t be is Andrew Cuomo,’’ (an) activist added.

“People in the party all hate him,’’ one of the state’s best-known Democratic operatives told The Post malvorlagen kostenlos downloaden.

A prominent Democratic elected official added, “There’s an ABC factor at work here. It’s ‘Anybody But Cuomo.’’’

Lest you think the party has had a moment of clarity, Democrats who spoke with the Post mentioned other alternatives from their party, including Mayor Bill de Blasio or Attorney General Eric Schneiderman nederlandse film app.

Those New York alternatives are absurd to say the least.

Recent Quinnipiac polling showed Cuomo receiving no support for a presidential run, down from 4% that he earned last May instagram gratis downloaden pc.

Another Democrat cited in the article surmised, “I’m not sure his (Cuomo’s) own brother would vote for him.”