Remember a few weeks ago when Democrats staged an anti-Second Amendment temper tantrum on the House floor? You know, the one where the gun-grabbing liberals had to be reminded that it was “radical Islam” that killed 49 people and wounded countless others in Orlando, not the gun the terrorist used tomtom home voor mac downloaden?

Well, those foot-stomping, childish actions are going to cost some of the Democrats!

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that the GOP would continue to investigate which rules of the House were broken during the stunt, and that “discipline is likely on the way.”

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Via the Daily Caller:

House Democrats broke a number of rules during their “unprecedented” sit-in on gun control, including fundraising from the floor and damaging furniture, and discipline is likely on the way, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told The Daily Caller News Foundation schreibschrift zumen.

McCarthy said his meeting Wednesday afternoon with House Speaker Paul Ryan and the sergeant at arms confirmed several acts of misconduct. Democrats staged the sit-in, which lasted more than 24 hours, after Republicans opted not to vote on a gun-control measure that failed in committee herunterladen. The protest broke several House rules, which the GOP said they will continue to investigate.

“Some of the actions were confirmed by some of the reports … There was damage to furniture, members pulling papers out of the hands of the professional staff within there, there was fundraising going on the floor – there were a number of things that broke the rules,” McCarthy told TheDCNF herunterladen. “We looked at different options on how to deal with this.”

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Gee, damaging furniture. Why is it liberals can’t hold protests without destroying something in the process navigation herunterladen für handy?

Is it any wonder we reported on the sit-in, describing it as going “full Occupy Wall Street?” Our report stated:

“They’re essentially one step away from going full Occupy by setting up tents and urinating on cop cars.”

Meanwhile, McCarthy chastised his colleagues on the left, saying “We’re a democracy and there are different ways to debate ideas, and that was not one of them.”

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He added, “When people break rules there are responsibilities and actions taken, and I expect the same thing will go forward on this as well.”

We certainly hope so amazon musik datei herunterladen. Congressional chambers are no place for an anti-constitutional temper tantrum.

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