Perhaps she never made it into their binders.

Marisa DeFranco, a Democrat currently challenging incumbent John Tierney for a seat in Congress, has a bit of history with her own party in Massachusetts facebook link.  In 2012, she amassed enough ballot petition signatures to challenge Elizabeth Warren in the 2012 Democratic Primary.  More recently, the DCCC ran a poll which allegedly showed DeFranco’s opponent with a commanding lead – except they left DeFranco out of the poll altogether sony xperia mms herunterladen.  It led her to issue a press release titled, War On Women In Massachusetts’ Sixth District.  She would later tell Legal Insurrection that the “Democratic machine has lost all credibility on the so-called War on Women” considering how it has acted in MA-06.”

Once again, things have gotten heated between DeFranco and the Democrat leadership in Massachusetts candy soda download.  At a women’s rights rally held by Nancy Pelosi, similar to the one she just held in Albany with Paul Tonko, DeFranco was barred from going on stage and getting any recognition as a candidate appsen android.

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Via Legal Insurrection:

Marisa DeFranco is a liberal Democratic outsider challenging incumbent Democrat John Tierney in the 6th District of Massachusetts herunterladen.

We previously wrote about the mistreatment of DeFranco at the hands of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Female Democratic candidate charges War on Women … by Democratic machine dos spiele downloaden.  Tierney barely won in 2012 despite Obama’s landslide in Massachusetts, and

Looks like the machine is shutting DeFranco out again, keeping DeFranco off stage during a women’s right rally in support of Tierney headlined by Nancy Pelosi minecraft lucky block mod herunterladen.

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WCVB in Boston reports:

Reporter:  This [rally] was about equal pay, raising the minimum wage, affordable child care, getting more women elected to Congress herunterladen. Or was it? One Democrat running against Tierney said she tried to get on stage, but was turned down today.

Marisa DeFranco: I am a woman herunterladen. The only woman in this race. And the Democratic Party says they want more women in Congress, well, here I am.

DeFranco had approached Pelosi’s people asking to be recognized on stage – not even to speak – but was turned down te comp herunterladen.

DeFranco also claims that she never received an invitation to a fundraiser hosted by Michelle Obama later that evening.