Yesterday we had two Democrats offering up their ideas in the heated Colorado gun debate, and boy were they something special.

One suggested guns were unnecessary on college campuses, because women who may feel like they’re going to be raped, might actually not be.  Another suggested that people that are enduring a mass shooting could simply wait for the shooter to reload, and then attack them with a ballpoint pen.

Well, things aren’t any better in the Centennial State this evening.  During the same debate over concealed carry legislation on college campuses, Democrat Paul Rosenthal suggested some more alternatives to using a gun for self-defense – including learning judo and using the buddy system.

So a woman being followed by a potential rapist in a parking lot, should whip out a copy of this from their purse:

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All three legislators are trying to make Todd Akin look like a genius.

Revealing Politics (h/t Ben) has the clip, and here is a transcription:

Rosenthal:  Now, another point that was brought up was that a gun is the only method that a person, a student has at self-defense.  There are other methods.  There’s mace.  What about a taser?  The buddy system.  Other methods at self-defense.  Judo, or what have you.  There are other methods, it’s not just the only method out there known to man and woman today is a weapon … of a firearm.

The folks at Revealing Politics have a funny line at the end of the clip:  So don’t worry – If you don’t know judo, maybe your buddy does.

Here’s the video…