The Times Union has a report this morning about New York State Assembly women, and how they are standing behind Speaker Sheldon Silver, the driving force behind multiple sexual harassment cover-ups welche filme kann man bei amazon prime downloaden.  The Speaker’s actions or rather, inaction, has actually led to further instances of harassment.  Silver’s inability to stand up for the rights of female workers has been so heinous during his tenure, that one journalist was led to believe that the Capitol of New York is “the most sexually abusive workplace in the nation.”

Republican women say their Democratic sisters should be more vocal instead of standing by Silver youtube videos audio downloaden. (Pat) Fahy and (Deborah) Glick acknowledged that mistakes were made but said Silver is addressing them seriously. And Glick noted that sexual harassment is far from unique to the Capitol’s Democrat-dominated lower chamber was verbraucht mehr datenvolumen streamen oder downloaden.

“The reason Shelly has had the support of women is that women legislators realize that he has been supportive of women and the women legislators slitherio. And his staff,” she said. “There is a great deal of not just collegial fondness but personal fondness for somebody who has tried very hard to assure that issues that are of concern to women get his full support, and that the conference has been one that stood up for things that makes a difference in women’s lives.”

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As you can see from the “personal fondness” comment, Glick is an over-the-top supporter of Silver, turning a blind eye to the harassment scandals and even getting a little experience in harassment herself smart notebook kostenlosen.  In June, she verbally threatened a GOP colleague, Nicole Malliotakis, warning her to essentially watch her back if she didn’t fall in line with the rest of the Democrat’s version of the Stepford Wives iphone 7 images.

Via the New York Post:

A Silver ally warned a GOP critic of the powerful Democratic Assembly speaker that she’d better stop her attacks — or else, The Post has learned herunterladen.

Assemblywoman Deborah Glick (D-Manhattan) was overheard telling Republican colleague Nicole Malliotakis that there would be consequences if the GOPer kept calling for Silver to step down over the Vito Lopez sexual-harassment scandal herunterladen.

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“You’ve been in the paper a lot talking about the speaker. You should quiet down before someone starts playing games with you,” Glick told Malliotakis on the floor of the Assembly, according to a person who overheard the conversation from youtube legally.

Malliotakis, who walked away without engaging Glick, declined to comment on the incident.

A call to Glick’s office seeking comment wasn’t returned kann auf netflix nichtsen.

Of course, maybe it’s not everybody who should be concerned about having games played with them, maybe it’s just Republicans.

Or maybe it’s simply women in general that Democrats like to play games with.  After all, Silver saw his Assembly colleagues sexually harassing women in the workplace and eventually covered it up to the point of encouraging more serial molesting.

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And it is the Democrats who have locked arms in support of the Speaker.  State Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin is dismayed by the display of politics over doing what is right.  He spoke to us about his Democrat colleagues who continue to support the Speaker.

These are the ones “who are hostile to women’s rights,” he explained.

The message they are sending is clear,” he continued.  ”As long as their progressive agenda marches on, any women that get hurt along the way are expendable.”

The true War on Women is being waged by Democrats in New York State.