Late this past summer, Shirley Huntley (D-Queens) took the rare step of holding a press conference to announce that she expected to be arrested in the coming days.

Sure enough, Huntley was arrested and charged with evidence tampering, conspiracy in the fifth degree, and falsifying business records.  At her booking and fingerprinting, Huntley commented that she was “having a great day”.

Somebody however, saw this as a very bad day, as it meant an end to their taxpayer funded binge at upscale spas, an end to high-end fashion displays, and an end to a lavish lifestyle for the rich and famous.

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That somebody was Huntley’s poodle.

Via the New York Post:

Looting lawmaker Shirley Huntley loaded up on fancy clothes and spa treatments — and that was just for her pet poodle.

The former state senator, who admitted stealing taxpayer cash for shopping sprees, took along her BFF, Assemblywoman Vivian Cook, to go bargain hunting at the Tanger Outlets mall in Riverhead, LI, a source said.

The duo would use half a tank of gas to get to the mall, home to upscale outlets including Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue and Coach.

The ladies also favored Lord & Taylor, and Huntley wasn’t just buying for herself — she made sure her white poodle was well dressed, the source said.

Huntley pled guilty earlier in the month to embezzling nearly $90,000 in taxpayer money to a non-profit founded by her daughter.

Cook (D-Jamaica) meanwhile, has not been charged, despite state records indicating she steered $164,000 to the same organization.