Democrat Senator Claims Americans Are as Racist as They’ve Ever Been

Senator Bill Nelson made some shocking comments from the Senate floor this week, claiming race relations in America are nearly the same as they were in 1963.

The Florida Democrat was speaking in opposition to the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General, whom everyone in the opposition party has desperately tried to portray as a racist or bigot.

Nelson spoke of watching Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, focusing particularly on the right of every American to vote. Somehow, some way, Nelson believes voting rights are just as stifled as they were in the ’60s.



Via the Daily Caller:

Senator Bill Nelson stated on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon that American race relations have not advanced since 1963.

“Half a century has passed, and our country has changed with the times,” Nelson added. “But one thing has not changed; the right to vote for all God’s children in America is still under assault.”

“Unbelievably, we are not so very far from the problems of 1963, despite the passage of time and landmark voting and civil legislation.”

Is Nelson suffering from what Ren and Stimpy coined, “space madness?” In 1986, Nelson became only the second sitting member of Congress to travel into space. Perhaps the lingering effects of space travel are starting to catch up to him!

Voting rights and civil rights have not advanced since 1963? Are you kidding?

The fact that Nelson made these claims in the midst of discussing the AG confirmation, while his Democrat colleagues attempted to repeatedly smear the reputation of Sessions, is remarkable. What changed in only a few months?

When Sessions was first announced as a candidate for AG, Nelson sang his praises, portraying him as a colleague, friend, and fellow senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“I can tell you I’ve worked with Jeff Sessions on a number of pieces of legislation,” he announced, “And we always got along. And we worked out, in a bipartisan way, whatever the issues were at the time.”

“I think he’s a reasonable person,” Nelson added.

Despite this, Nelson voted ‘No’ on Sessions’ confirmation, proof that the Democrat Party simply does as their leadership tells them to do. He and his colleagues were told to paint Sessions as a racist and vote no, so Nelson dutifully obliged. Even though he knew the man he was besmirching and voting against is “a reasonable person.”

No, Mr. Nelson, America isn’t as racist as it was in 1963, but your party sure seems to be.

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