Democrat Senator Admits Russia Conspiracy Stories Are Just a Distraction

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy has made an announcement that his Democrat colleagues aren’t going to like.

The Russia/Trump collusion conspiracy has been nothing more than a ‘distraction.’

“The fact that we have spent so much time talking about Russia has been a distraction,” Murphy admitted, before adding that his party needs to discuss more substantive matters such as economics.

Murphy made the comment during an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The group was fishing for answers as to why the Democrat party has been suffering devastating loss after devastating loss at the polls.

Murphy admitted that the distraction isn’t a welcome one either, as average every day people aren’t buying into it as a significant, or even truthful story.

Via the Daily Caller:

Democrats’ focus on potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government has been a “distraction” for the party, Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said Wednesday.

“When I am back in Connecticut, I often get on a commuter bus and ride it for just an hour to talk to folks that, frankly, don’t normally call or write my office, and I’ll just say, they are never talking about issues like Russia. They are not talking, frankly, what’s on cable news at night,” Murphy said in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Murphy added, “The fact that we have spent so much time talking about Russia has been a distraction from what should be the clear contrast between Democrats and the Trump agenda, which is on economics.”

Change of heart?

After 0-4 election record, Dem Sen. Chris Murphy now claims Russia focus ‘a distraction.’

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) June 21, 2017


How can that be? The Russia conspiracy theory pushed by Democrats is nothing more than a distraction? That’s certainly going to disappoint a lot of hardcore, impeachment-loving, anti-Trumpers.

What do you think, Maxine Waters?


She seems less than amused.

Oh well, when your entire congressional eggs have been placed in the impeachment basket, you’re bound to be disappointed when someone smashes them.

One Democrat is starting to get it. ????Senator Chris Murphy: Russia is a distraction

— Stacy Washington (@StacyOnTheRight) June 22, 2017

Sarah Palin provides perhaps the best two-word synopsis of Murphy’s statements …

Not wrong…

— Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) June 22, 2017


Still, it marks an incredible turnaround in thinking for Murphy who has done his best to keep pace with his Democrat colleagues in keeping the ‘distraction’ alive.

Our friends at Twitchy have done an excellent job at collecting some of those distracting talking points.

Russia, Russia, Russia!

It’s amazing how being a perpetual loser in elections can change your tone a bit.

Will other Democrats admit that the Russia story is nonsense, and a ‘distraction’ the American people just don’t care about? Share your thoughts below!

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