Democrat Rips Cuomo: We Didn’t Elect An Emperor

Apparently none too happy with the way Governor Cuomo is trying to force major policy proposals into this year’s budget plan, a long-time Assembly Democrat tore into him decrying his “heavy-handed” approach.

Assemblywoman Deborah Glick referred to Cuomo’s tactics as unhealthy for democracy, inappropriate, and reminded Cuomo that the people didn’t elect an “emperor,” they elected a governor.

Via State of Politics:

Glick noted that Cuomo keeps stuffing more and more significant policy proposals into his spending plan, giving the Legislature what amounts to a “may way to the highway” ultimatum to accept his ideas or risk a government shutdown.

“I don’t think in a democracy that’s a healthy thing,” Glick said. “The governor is very forceful and has added many more policy pieces to the budget, which I think is inappropriate.”

“I believe there’s a role for the Legislature, and a role for dialogue.”

“I don’t think that people elected an emperor; we elected a governor,” the assemblywoman continued. “I think they’re putting too much into the budget from a policy point of a view is a negative thing for democracy.”

Cuomo has threatened he would not sign any budget unless it includes his ‘ethics’ plan, a too-little too-late response to his close ally, Sheldon Silver being arrested on corruption charges.

Cuomo’s effort is no more than a dog and pony show.  But Glick’s response is genuine – as in she genuinely does not want to see any form of ethics reform in Albany.

In the summer of 2013, Glick was overheard making threats toward a colleague who kept calling for the resignation of Sheldon Silver.

Republican Nicole Malliotakis, as did many others in the Assembly, called for Silver’s resignation after it was revealed that he used taxpayer dollars to pay off victims of sexual harassment from Democrat Vito Lopez.

Glick threatened Malliotakis, saying there would be consequences if the GOPer kept calling for Silver to step down over the scandal.

Glick warned Malliotakis, “You’ve been in the paper a lot talking about the speaker, you should quiet down before someone starts playing games with you.”

Now that Cuomo is being forced to pretend he cares about ethics, Glick is calling him out and reminding everyone that she fully supports Silver’s unlawful conduct.

They’re both corrupt as the day is long – but it’s always quite interesting watching Democrats implode in trying to respond to their criminal brethren.

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