New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tries desperately to pander to whatever audience is laid out before him, so it’s no shock that he’d do the same during a recent appearance at a church in Harlem how can I download photos from my icloud.

What may be shocking is that he took the opportunity to speak at the predominantly black church and crack a joke about Jews and their supposed inability to dance van

“I want you to know as a matter of full disclosure, I am a Catholic,” Cuomo Began. “Catholics basically believe the same teachings that Baptists believe.”

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“We just do it without the rhythm,” he added word all fonts. “But we try. We are not as without rhythm as some of our Jewish brothers and sisters.”


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Normally we’d say don’t quit your day job by trying your hand at stand-up comedy, but this is Cuomo and we’d really, really like it if he’d quit his day job iphone komplette mediatheken. Besides, Cuomo could be pretty good at stand-up comedy – every time he stands up, people laugh.

For those thinking we’re just taking a tacky attempt at humor and blowing it out of proportion, it’s important to note that even the far-left New York Daily News referred to Cuomo’s Jewish joke as “shocking.”

“Cuomo,” the Daily News reported, “invoking several stereotypes in his cringe-worthy attempt at humor, fell flat with the Jews-can’t-dance joke.”

He didn’t stop there, singling out his former campaign adviser, Hank Sheinkopf, who was sitting in the front row wearing a yarmulke Russian songs.

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“I was just watching Mr. Sheinkopf here in the front row, moving to the music,” Cuomo deadpanned. “It was ugly. It was ugly.”


While many didn’t seem to take too much offense to the joke, Sheinkopf did point out that “There weren’t many people laughing.”

“But I didn’t feel humiliated,” he added musik von youtube downloaden.

Republican operative Arthur Schwartz recommended Cuomo “focus more on governing and less on Jew jokes.”

Democrat State Senator Simcha Felder added, “I don’t think it was that good a joke.”

It hasn’t been that good a reign as governor either, quite frankly geschichten für tonie herunterladen.

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