I’m guessing most of her clients would be Republicans.

Via Politicker:

Martha Flores-Vazquez knows what it’s like to lose an election or two–and now she wants to help others who have gone through the same dreaded experience.

Ms. Flores-Vazquez, a Democratic district leader in Queens who has recently lost races for both the City Council and the State Assembly, is trying to help others cope with the sting of defeat, hosting a series of free one-on-one therapy sessions for wannabe pols who fell short on Election Day.

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“The issue with politicians is that a lot of times they invest a lot of time and energy, they give up a job or they’ll resign from what they’re doing in the hopes of getting elected,” Ms. Flores-Vazquez told Politicker in a phone interview this morning. “I’m telling you, families suffer, children suffer. Not only have you become disconnected from the daily routine of life, now you’re coming back not as a success, you’re coming back almost feeling like a failure.”

“I honestly feel there needs to be an anger management spa for politicians,” she continued. “Once the election is over, you’ve gotta nurture yourself back to reality, remove anger and anxiety.”

Vazquez is well-versed in election losses herself, but explains that politicians have to adjust to life after defeat.