As congressional lawmakers began negotiations Wednesday, Democrat spending leaders said they would not draw a hard line against ‘barrier’ funding at the southern border windows media player 12 für xp kostenlos downloaden.

The talks commenced in an attempt to come to an agreement prior to a possible second shutdown in mid-February.

Politico reports that while an agreement was not reached on day one, Democrat figures professed they “will not take a hard line upfront against funding for a border barrier.”

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“We’re going into this conference, and we’re open to everyone’s facts and figures,” House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) said to reporters 100 things movie. “Everything’s on the table.”


Barrier or Wall herunterladen?

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Aside from getting hung up on semantics such as whether or not to call it a ‘barrier’ or a ‘wall,’ the Democrat plan appears to focus on technological deterrents herunterladen.

Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) said that a comprehensive approach is necessary to secure the border, involving technology, personnel, infrastructure, but also physical barriers gta 1 kostenlos downloaden.

Lowey countered saying, “Smart border security is not overly reliant on physical barriers.”

Still, on Tuesday, House Democratic Conference Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) discussed a willingness to consider fencing as a solution where it is warranted herunterladen.

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“We are willing to support fencing where it makes sense, but it should be done in an evidence-based fashion,” he said.

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We’re actually surprised to hear Democrat spending leaders admit they’re not going to flat-out refuse funding for a barrier, considering they refused to budge on the matter during the first shutdown word uni köln.

But there have been signs of capitulation to a barrier leading up to this point.

Congressman Collin Peterson urged Democrats to “give Trump the money” for a border wall fantasy bücher kostenlos herunterladen.


Meanwhile, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is on record as opposing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stance that a wall at the southern border represents something immoral.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn has even suggested giving Trump his proposed $5.7 billion for border security measures, though he added the caveat of not allowing it to go to construction of a physical wall.

With all these people urging a compromise to provide a barrier at the Southern border, it seems that only Democrat leadership stands in the way.

Despite all of this, the resistance party emerged from Wednesday’s meetings with a proposal that ultimately did not include funding for Trump’s wall. And the President is rather furious …


President Trump has reportedly been working on a proclamation to declare a national emergency at the southern border, freeing up to $7 billion in potential funds to build that wall.

Perhaps that’s the Democrat plan – open up the idea of building what they’ll call a barrier knowing full-well Trump plans to go around Congress anyway. That way he’ll only get a fraction of what he’d get declaring the emergency and they can still go back to their low-information voters and say ‘see, we didn’t give him a wall.’

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