A Maine Democrat went on a profane social media tirade against President Trump, threatening to end his term early should he “ever get within 10 feet” of him tik tok app.

State representative Scott Hamann, apparently triggered by news of Donald Trump Jr.’s e-mails regarding a meeting with a Russian lawyer, lost control of his mind prior to posting a screed on Facebook whatsapp update lässt sich nicht herunterladen.

Hamann called the President “an admitted rapist,” accused the entire Republican party of being racist, and referred to Trump supporters as “dumb f***s.”

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He then added:

“Trump is a half term President, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that p**sy.”

Looks like another unhinged liberal will be receiving a visit from the Secret Service very soon hotmail email herunterladen.

Via the Washington Examiner:

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A Democratic state representative in Maine threatened President Trump’s life in a Facebook post Tuesday, and vowed that if he ever encountered Trump, the president would not make it through his first term in office herunterladen.

“Well then fuck you, snowflake. You’re a fucking pussy … See, it’s not only Trump supporters who can talk like complete assholes,” Rep herunterladen. Scott Hamann wrote in a lengthy comment. “As long as that’s what’s coming out of that side, then I’ll match you dumb fucks word for word jpg bilder kostenlos. Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that pussy.”

Hamann also appears to threaten a Trump defender’s wife with sexual assault if he ever runs into her super mario spiele kostenlosen deutsch für pc.

“If I run into your wife/girlfriend,” he wrote. “I’ll be sure to follow Trump’s Access Hollywood advice about how [sic] women are allowed to treat women.”

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The threat is clearly referencing the famous Access Hollywood tape in which private citizen Donald Trump engaged in locker room talk in a private setting with Billy Bush herunterladen.

While Trump was engaged in guy talk, Hamann’s comments clearly constitute a threat to sexually assault another man’s wife or girlfriend watchbox herunterladen.

Here are screen grabs of the vile posts in question …

“Words cannot even begin to describe the level of revulsion I feel after reading Representative Scott Hamann’s recent tirade that has come to light,” Maine GOP Chair Demi Kouzounas said in a statement google chrome installatiebestand downloaden. “Perhaps the most alarming aspect of this tirade is an implied death threat against our President.”

Kouzounas called Hamann’s comment “unhinged and dangerous” and demanded the Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, Sara Gideon, “do something about her unethical and radicalized caucus.”

In a series of Facebook Messenger messages, Hamann doubles down on the attacks and dismisses them as being “too much for a snowflake.”

Upon learning that the person contacting him was “a member of the media,” Hamann backtracks and claims the posts were “satirical” in nature and just “a conversation between friends.”

Until now, when nearly 3 million Political Insider followers on Facebook read this.

Should this Democrat be investigated for his threats against President Trump? Share your thoughts below!

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