Democrat Lawmaker Pushed State Senate to Hire Convicted Sex Offender

State Senator Eric Adams pushed Senate officials to hire a convicted sex offender in 2009, according to a source for the Daily News.

The man, Lafonso Bonner, served eight years in an Ohio prison for sexual battery.

“Eric Adams was definitely the driving force,” said a former Senate official, adding that Adams’ efforts created unease among staff members and led Senate officials to reject his pleas.

“It was as source of friction for at least a couple of weeks,” the source said.

The ex-con — Lafonso Bonner — was released from prison in 2004 and had been working at an Albany restaurant popular with lawmakers when he befriended Adams, sources said.

“The (Senate) staff was definitely upset — they felt threatened and unsafe,” said another former Senate official. “(The hiring) just couldn’t be justified at the time.”

Earlier this week it was revealed that Adams also urged the hiring of David Johnson by a colleague, an aide to then-Governor David Paterson who was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2009.


New York

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