Are Democrats Staging a Coup to Remove the President?


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Fox has also learned that President Trump had a chance to meet with New Jersey democratic Congressman Jeff Van Drew on Friday to discuss impeachment and possibly switching parties. Andrew is the best voice his opposition to impeachment. So far House Republicans have appeared to remain united behind the president. Republican leaders said they believe the impeachment is something that Democrats have been divided ever since the president’s victory back in 2016. The biggest problem is that they never started with facts. That is how they got their impeachment began and where there was an actual crime committed. There’s never been a crime here. They have tried to find a crime and it started more investigation. As been very clear that you see through this whole impeachment inquiry this is a likely benefit vendetta. Be what House Speaker says her party has brought whipping both on impeachment. It will be up to each member to decide for themselves which way they want to vote. Heard from a number of members that this is a very personal decision that they’re going to have to make and they will spend the weekend focusing on that.