Via Brooklyn Daily (HT Empire Report):

Democratic state Sen. Simcha Felder (D–Midwood) is set to take home an award for best Conservative senator in New York on Sunday.

Felder — who caucuses across the aisle in the Republican-controlled senate, and who ran on the Republican and Conservative lines in 2016 — has one of the most conservative voting records among all of his 62 colleagues up in Albany, and says he is “honored” to get the trophy.

New York State Conservative Party leaders select about 20 bills which they think most improved New Yorkers’ lives and look at how each senator voted — Felder and a Republican senator from Upstate New York had the best record for 2016.

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But among all the senators, 31 of whom are true members of the Grand Old Party, conservative party leaders didn’t think twice about handing over the award to a Democratic pol, said party chairman Mike Long.

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