Democrat Goes With Auschwitz Joke to Defend Abortion Stance

West Virginia Democrat Nick Casey took to West Virginia Public Broadcasting to discuss his race against Republican Alex Mooney. Casey covered the “ugly” campaign leading up to Election Day, along with his stance on major issues.

When asked about his stance on abortion, things got a little bizarre. Casey claimed his Republican’s assertions that he supports late-term abortion are false, an adequate enough defense.

However, Casey went a little further saying that accusing him of supporting late-term abortions is akin to saying “I was at Auschwitz.”

Take a listen …

Um …

The entire interview can be heard here.

NRCC spokesman Ian Prior released the following statement:

Nick Casey needs to immediately apologize for his completely inappropriate Holocaust joke. Regardless of what Casey was trying to say, it is simply out-of-bounds and insensitive to try and make witty-sounding comparisons with references to Nazi death camps.

It should be generally understood that in politics, comparisons to Nazis and Holocaust references never work. Six million people being systematically exterminated doesn’t exactly seem like comedic material.

Remember candidates, for future reference – Grumpy Cat is funny. Abortion and Auschwitz, not so much.

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