Democrat Fundraiser to Feature Singer Convicted of Taking ‘Improper Liberties’ With 14-Year-Old Girl

Democrat Congressional candidate Martha Robertson (23rd District) is hosting a fundraiser on September 29th that will feature a live performance by Peter Yarrow, a convicted sex offender and former member of the 1960s folk group Peter, Paul and Mary.

Via Smart Girl Politics:

What do you get when you combine a New York Democrat Congressional candidate, a pardoned formerly convicted child molester, a party and an autographed “Puff the Magic Dragon” pop-up book as the party favor for sponsors and hosts?

Why, a Democrat fundraiser, of course. Not just any ordinary Democrat fundraiser, though.

Martha Robertson, Chairwoman of the Tompkins County Legislature and Congressional candidate for New York’s hotly contested 23rd District, is rolling out her campaign later this month with a headliner that’s sure to raise some eyebrows. Peter Yarrow – better known to most as Peter, member of the 1960‘s trio Peter, Paul and Mary – is scheduled to join Robertson for the private September 29th event.

Godfather of Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter, Yarrow is perhaps most well known for pleading guilty in 1970 to charges that he took “indecent liberties” – at the ripe old age of 31 – with a 14-year-old girl who went to his hotel room with her 17-year-old sister seeking an autograph. He spent three months of a one-to-three-year sentence, and received a Presidential pardon in 1981 from President Jimmy Carter. Worth noting is the not-so-insignificant fact that Yarrow was, at the time of his pardon, married to Democrat Senator Eugene J. McCarthy’s niece.

This of course is front page news if Yarrow were being featured at a Republican fundraiser.  But watch as the Times Union runs cover for the Democrats, belittling Yarrow’s crime.  First, you have the headline which puts the word ‘pedophile’ in quotes.  Then there’s this line:

The story comes up almost every time Yarrow — who apologized for the incident — appears at a Democratic fundraiser, which is often.

Got that?  Seriously you guys, he apologized for it.  Can we just move on already?

Democrats seem to agree, calling Yarrow’s appearance “inconsequential.”

And besides, that happened 40 years ago and well, look … a signed edition of Puff the Magic Dragon!

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