Democrat Compares Trump to Hitler, Tucker Carlson Swiftly Destroys Her

A far-left environmentalist Democrat and former California House candidate took to social media and made the predictable comparison of Donald Trump’s Time ‘Person of the Year‘ choice to that of Hitler in 1938.

Erin Schrode’s ability to equate Trump to Hitler says more about her than it does anything else. First, it demonstrates a simple mind willing to make that leap in logic so casually. Second, it reveals utter hypocrisy, since Hillary Clinton was in the running for Person of the Year, and it seems rather unlikely Schrode would have made the same comparison.

Adolf Hitler was @TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year in 1938.

Donald Trump is TIME’s Person of the Year in 2016.


— Erin Schrode (@ErinSchrode) December 7, 2016


Tucker Carslon, who has garnered massive ratings since his show debuted on Fox, has done so by eviscerating simple-minded liberals. This was no different, as he invited Schrode on to discuss her Hitler/Trump comparison.

At times, it was rather painful to watch. Schrode came full circle at the end of the interview denouncing Trump for his “hate speech” and “name calling.”

That’s when Tucker pounced!

Take a look …

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Via Legal Insurrection:

If you haven’t already discovered Tucker Carlson’s new Fox News show, weekdays at 7pm, do yourself a favor and check it out.

This Insurrectionist says it’s the most entertaining conservative hour on TV. Carlson opens most shows with a left-wing guest whom he politely, but fearlessly, takes on. Tonight’s lib, environmentalist Erin Schrode, had, in response to Time naming Donald Trump its Person of the Year, compared Trump to Hitler.

When toward the end of the segment, Schrode decried Trump’s “name-calling and hate speech and toxic rhetoric,” Carlson pounced. “You just compared this guy to Hitler and then with a straight face you’re going to accuse him of engaging in hate speech?!! I’m sorry. I can barely hear. The irony alarm is so loud in the background.” Can’t remember the last time I saw a lefty so clearly confronted with her flaming hypocrisy!

The hypocrisy is so thick, it’s a wonder she didn’t coast her way to victory in the California House.

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