If ever there were an interview that highlights the absurdity of the bleeding-heart liberal worldview of lollipops and unicorns, it’d be this one herunterladen.

Zeke Cohen, a Baltimore City Councilman, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss a heinous crime involving a 14-year-old Maryland student who was sexually assaulted by two illegal immigrants… and promptly defended the illegal immigrant community in Baltimore games faster.

Not the victim. Not the city’s legal residents who may be concerned or scared over such a crime. But a full-throated defense of illegal immigrants herunterladen.

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Why? Because “the vast majority” are “peaceful, they pay taxes, and they contribute.”

And there it is – The well-being of legal Americans can be sacrificed as long as illegals allegedly cough up money herunterladen.

Then, things really went off the rails when Cohen reiterated a claim he made to a local newspaper that ICE agents enforcing the law are akin to Nazi soldiers rounding up Jews during the Holocaust lustige geburtstagskarten kostenlos herunterladen.

He likened the illegal immigrants and their families to his own: “They are like my grandmother who left everything behind, including a family who perished in the gas chambers.”

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“It’s pretty unbelievable that you would compare ICE, Federal Immigration authorities to the Nazis which you just in effect did and did it explicitly yesterday when they’re enforcing laws that would have prevented this heinous crime,” Carlson responded quicksteuer 2020 herunterladen. “Would you say that to the parents of the girl who was raped? These are Nazis, these Americans who were enforcing immigration laws, why would you say some thing like that?”

‘Pretty unbelievable’ is an understatement adobe flash player mac for free.

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Via Fox News Insider:

Councilman Zeke Cohen (D-Dundalk) last week sponsored a resolution demanding federal authorities stop enforcing immigration laws in Baltimore, Carlson said muttizettelen.

Cohen said there is no place in America for the sexual violence seen 40 miles away in Rockville recently, but added that recent ICE arrests in Baltimore trouble him about the treatment of immigrants disney plus download on smart tv.

Carlson said there is no way to know whether an illegal immigrant will be a productive member of the community or commit another crime unless laws are properly enforced video von homepage downloaden.

He criticized Cohen’s position on ICE, pointing to a CityPaper article quoting the councilman as likening their arrests to Nazis rounding up Jews in Germany.

Toward the end of the interview, it became difficult for Carlson to hold back his disdain for the Baltimore city councilmember, repeatedly calling Cohen “sad.”



What parallel universe does one have to reside in to see a crime like that committed by people in the country illegally, and respond by spitting out robotic answers about “the vast majority” and “peaceful” and “pay their taxes?”

It’s as if Zeke Cohen and his liberal colleagues have been programmed for perpetual stupidity.

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