What Did This Democrat Committee Do That Has Sanders Supporters Calling Them Unethical and Undemocratic?

A Democrat Committee in the capital of New York is being called ‘undemocratic’ and ‘unethical’ for openly supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

New reports indicate that Clinton’s support in New York has been waning. Where once she led by a whopping 48 points in a state she served as senator, Sanders has closed the gap to nearly single digits.

In a Facebook posting earlier this week, the Albany County Democrats sought to come to Clinton’s aid, putting out a call for volunteers to conduct canvassing and monitor phone banks for the former First Lady.

That post can be seen below …

Volunteer for Hillary Clinton in the Capital Region!Thank you all for being an integral part of our grassroots team to…

Posted by Albany County Democrats on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The document attached to the post indicates that all volunteer work will take place at the Albany County Democratic Committee Headquarters, meaning they’re not only putting out a call for volunteers but offering up their facility for their chosen candidate.

Sanders supporters are crying foul, claiming they’ve had to conduct such volunteer work at public libraries and have not been offered the same resources.

Sanders volunteer manager Zack Smith claims “county parties are not allowed to endorse candidates.”

The advocacy for Clinton has Smith wondering if the group has already decided to endorse Clinton ahead of New York’s primary on April 19th.

Smith said, “It’s quite undemocratic, honestly.”

Another Democrat chair said Albany County’s actions are “unethical.”

Via TWC News:

TWC News reached out to the county Democratic chair to find out if the committee has endorsed the former Secretary of State, but hasn’t heard back.

The committee also posted about a bus trip to New Hampshire during the February primaries to help out the Clinton campaign. That’s where Emily Jacobs serves as the Coos County Democratic Committee chair.

“I’m seeing it as unethical because of that favoritism that we’re seeing,” Jacobs said.

New Hampshire’s bylaws are much different. Theirs clearly state the committee shall not endorse any Democratic candidate over another in a primary.

Favoritism has always been a staple of the Clinton political legacy, while concepts such as ‘unethical’ and ‘undemocratic’ are something Sanders supporters are quickly becoming acquainted with.

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