Democrat Assemblyman Used Campaign Cash For Yoga Classes

A former Chief of Staff and mistress to Assemblyman William Boyland (D-Brooklyn) claims that the lawmaker dropped $500 in campaign cash on yoga lessons for the pair.  Ry-Ann Hermon testified on Wednesday that Boyland, who is on trial for corruption, used the fundraising cash for two private lessons.

Via the New York Post:

When he wasn’t blowing off constituent events, rogue Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. was using supporters’ dough to pay for fancy Gramercy Park yoga classes for him and his girlfriend, the now-former gal pal testified Wednesday.

Ry-Ann Hermon, the political scion’s ex-lover and chief of staff, told jurors at Boyland’s Brooklyn federal court trial that her ex-boss once used $500 in campaign contributions for them to attend two private yoga classes at the Atmananda studios in 2009.

“He told me we need to clear our minds,” Hermon recalled. “Yoga can release stress and tension, so he wanted us to partake in yoga classes.”

Prosecutors presented receipts from the high-end studio that showed Boyland’s cash payment for the stretch sessions.

The thought of seeing the portly Assemblyman stretching out in a yoga class is not the only horrifying testimony provided by Hermon.  The mistress also testified that receiving one of her own cash bribes from undercover agents made her hot.  “Physically hot.”

Hermon was arrested along with Boyland, but copped a plea, agreeing to testify against Boyland.

The Assemblyman faces 30 years in prison if convicted.


New York

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