During a debate for the 17th Congressional District race, Nita Lowey (D), who is running for her 14th term in Congress, made the typical and tired argument that the Iraq War was Bush’s war.  Nevermind the simple fact that a majority of Democrats supported the effort.

Including, it turns out, Nita Lowey.

Lowey’s opponent and veteran of the Iraq War, Chris Day, turned the argument on it’s head when he told her that “my opponent voted for Iraq.”

“Her and George Bush’s war is something I fought in,” he added.  “The 4500 soldiers that died – I know a lot of them.”

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Day also explained that President Obama “has just fumbled away victory” after those soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice to stabilize Iraq.

Watch the clip below …


Lowey is an entrenched Democrat who’s talking points are being developed by her party, and simply parroted over and over again.  Hence, the “Bush’s war” argument.

Lowey has also tried smearing Day through blatantly false arguments.

Via The Political Insider:

Nita Lowey is a 26 year incumbent. The Congresswoman who represents NY 17 has a bit of a fight on her hands this year. And Lowey is scared. So scared that she has resorted to lying. Lowey’s opponent is Chris Day. An Army veteran, Day served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and earned a Bronze Star for his service. Day now works at an investment firm.

In her mailers Lowey has said that Day is going to raise the retirement age for seniors, is anti women, and supports a middle class tax increase. Day countered these lies.

“Apparently, based on a conversation we had, Ms. Lowey believes that she can just apply the views of others or various groups to me, whether I actually hold those positions or not. That’s not how this works. If a Democratic figure says something, it doesn’t mean Nita Lowey believes it – and the same applies on my end.”

This has been pretty par for the course this election cycle. But, this race is different as the incumbent has safely held the seat for approaching 30 years. Instead of running on her record, she is smearing a decorated Army Veteran.

Army veteran isn’t a position Lowey hold’s much respect for.  She has often criticized Day for not having any real world experience that would qualify him for a seat in Congress.

Forget that her opponent, Day, is the Vice President of an investment firm in New York City or the father of a 4 year old son, he is also a bronze star award winner with two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That’s experience, Ms. Lowey.  Nearly three decades of repeating your party’s talking points in D.C., is not.