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Dem Sen. Jon Tester Admits It Was a Mistake for Biden to Kill 11K Jobs by Cancelling Keystone Pipeline

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HARLOW: “Do you believe it was finally a mistake for the Biden administration to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline on day one in office given the impacts of 11,000 American jobs. Do you think it was a mistake? I know you think it was a mistake to do it in general but I wonder about right now this moment given the economy on its knees.”

TESTER: “Well, look, I’ve been a supporter of the Keystone Pipeline. And there has been two caveats and they have been basic caveats, you do it to the safest standards and you respect private property rights. I think the Keystone Pipeline folks could have done a better job of getting the Fort Peck tribe on board and they need to continue working to do that but in the end, I think that’s — it’s a good project. I believe in climate change. But I also think that this one pipeline isn’t going to turn it around, isn’t going to turn our climate around and it’s not going to make it markedly worse situations. But so in the end, yeah, I supported the Keystone Pipeline.”

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