During a recent press conference, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) chastised Republicans who wouldn’t capitulate to an amendment of a late-term abortion ban.  The reason they won’t cave is that, after 20 weeks, an unborn child can feel what one doctor described as “severe and excruciating pain”.

Because Republicans do not want exceptions to the late-term abortion bill, Slaughter was left to conclude that they’re pretty much cool with rape.

Via the Hill:

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A leader of the House Pro-Choice Caucus suggested Tuesday that Republicans don’t have strong feelings against rape.

The remark came as Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) criticized the GOP’s proposed ban on late-term abortions ahead of a House vote on the measure.

Slaughter slammed Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee, all men, who rejected a rape exception to the bill during its markup last week.

“I’m of the opinion now … that if you really were to question all of them, that there is a sort of continuity of thought that rape is really not so bad and that the likelihood of getting pregnant is small,” Slaughter told a press conference.

Its not that the likelihood of getting pregnant is small, its that the reasons for women having abortions due to rape and incest are small.  Far less than one percent.  Which means a vast majority of those abortions done after 20 weeks, those that an unborn child can feel, are due more to socio-economic reasons.

It seems Ms. Slaughter feels that arguing without any semblance of factual information … is really not so bad.