Dem Rep Claims Phony ‘Trump Dossier’ is Real, Immediately Backfires

Providing no evidence, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-La La Land) said in an interview on MSNBC that the most ridiculous allegations against President Trump appearing in the phony “Russian dossier” were “absolutely true.”

In early January, BuzzFeed dropped a fake news story involving the President-elect and reprehensible acts with prostitutes in Russia.

The unverified dossier used for the report was passed over by nearly every journalist in the business because none of the information could be proven and the source was unverified. Buzzfeed and CNN were roundly criticized for reporting on it.

Despite that knowledge, Waters insisted she knows for a fact that “the coverage they have on him with sex actions … that’s absolutely true.”


Via Daily Caller:

Waters said we must “get to the facts of what it is” during an interview with Ali Velshi on MSNBC Thursday.

“Oh, I think it should be taken a look at,” Waters said. “I think they should really read it, understand it, analyze it, and determine what’s fact, what may not be fact. We already know that the part about the coverage they have on him with sex actions is supposed to be true. They have said that that’s absolutely true. Some other things they kind of allude to. Yes, I think he should go into that dossier and see what’s there.”

The MSNBC host even seemed skeptical of what Waters was saying, pointing out that her comments amounted to very serious allegations.

“You say you think them to be true,” he said. “Unless you have information that we don’t, that’s an allegation.”

Not only did an MSNBC host question Waters, but Buzzfeed, the outlet that was hammered for initially reporting on the dossier story, called her out for falsely suggesting the claims had been proven true!

Here’s Rep. Maxine Waters falsely claiming that the sex allegations in the Trump Russia dossier have been verified.

— David Mack (@davidmackau) March 9, 2017


Waters would eventually walk back her statements, saying she was referring to the source’s name but adding in regards to the allegations, “I’m not saying that has been proven.”

The damage has been done – How many gullible MSNBC viewers now believe Waters’ words to be true just because they heard a congresswoman say they were?

Will Waters ever be reprimanded by her peers for spouting off fake information in a partisan attempt to get the President impeached? Is this behavior not beneath the dignity of the office she holds?

Don’t hold your breath.

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