Dem Lawmaker Hears ‘We Love Trump’ Chants, Walks Out of Town Hall Meeting

Remember when angry constituents voicing their disapproval at town hall meetings were all the rage with the mainstream media?

When Republicans were accused of “running away from their constituents” or that they “fear(ed) confrontation?”

In case you’d forgotten, we have a few examples here:


With that in mind, one would expect the fair and balanced thought leaders at places like Time or the Washington Post to cover similar events if the roles were reversed.

For instance, perhaps a town hall meeting that featured a Democrat lawmaker and angry Trump supporters in the crowd? Surely, such a scenario would get equal coverage, right?


Via Gateway Pundit:

Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA) held a raucous town hall event last week at Stephen M. White School in Carson, California.

The Democrat lawmaker ran from the venue after the pro-Trump crowd started chanting, “We love Trump!”

The pro-Trump crowd started screaming and chanting in the opening minutes of the town hall event.

That’s when Rep. Barragan cut from the event and walked out of the auditorium.

You can watch the scene unfold below, with the walk out and events leading up to it beginning at about the 9:00 minute mark:


This was a vastly different response – both by the town hall participants and the candidate – from an event Barragan held less than a month ago in which she discussed the ‘I’ word regarding President Trump.

ABC 7 reported:

“Let me tell you: Every day there’s something new, the more I smell impeachment,” the 44th District representative said to applause.

Perhaps Barragan got things off on the wrong foot at this latest town hall when she at first refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but later reluctantly joined in when the same Trump supporters decided to start the meeting with it regardless.

That’s not the best method for getting a pro-America, pro-President Trump crowd on your side.

What do you think of the congresswoman’s decision to ‘run away from her constituents?’ Share your thoughts with us below!

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