Dem Lawmaker: Eli and Peyton Manning Commit Sexual Assault Against Their Wives

No, that wasn’t a misprint above.

From the ‘imagine had this been said by a Republican’ file, comes Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), who discussed sexual assault allegations against a Tennessee Titans player with this strange explanation:

“I don’t keep up with football, except college football, except Eli Manning or Peyton Manning. And Eli and Peyton don’t do sexual assaults against people other than their wives.”

Now, we know what some of you are thinking – there’s no way that a prominent lawmaker such as Cohen could possibly make such an asinine comment like that.

But lo, there is video proof. Watch…


TMZ first reported the story, and labelled Cohen’s comments the “gaffe of the year.”

During last year’s State of the Union speech, Cohen was caught tweeting ‘I love you’ on his Blackberry to a 24-year-old model. He would later claim that the model was his daughter, though a paternity test would reveal this was not the case.

Cohen issued a statement saying he was trying to convey that the Manning brothers are in monogamous relationships. All well and good – because he’s a Democrat, it will be dropped almost immediately.

If Cohen had a big fat ‘R’ following his name, this would be national news and he’d be forced to resign.

Do you believe Cohen’s explanation, or were his comments over-the-top offensive? Tell us your thoughts.

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