Dem Lawmaker Charged With Wire Fraud Posts Job Opening For Wire Fraud Investigator

William Scarborough, a Democrat Assemblyman recently charged with seven counts of wire fraud, took to social media to promote job postings for a DOJ Criminal Investigator who would be “leading investigations” involving “mail and wire fraud.”

The job posting reads:

Job Alert for CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR for US Dept. of Justice
Salary: $94,114.00 to $122,346.00 / Per Year

Work assignments will include leading investigations regarding suspected violations of federal law, primarily, securities fraud, mail fraud & wire fraud, conducting interviews and preparing reports of interviews; testifying in the grand jury, at trial & other court proceedings as to facts & to explain in detail how evidence was obtained and interpreted & serving legal writs, summons, complaints & subpoenas issued by the Department of Justice or by a federal grand jury.

The Assemblyman was so enthralled with finding an investigator that would most likely be investigating him and his colleagues in the future, that he posted the job announcement twice.

Scarborough didn’t stop there, however.  He later posted a job for the title of Ethics Training Coordinator for the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board.

Self-awareness does not appear to be one of Mr. Scarborough’s strong points.

On October 1st, Scarborough had a tough morning when he was shackled and facing a 23-count indictment from state officials.  He pled ‘not guilty’ to charges of grand larceny and filing false campaign documents.  The state indictment accused him of taking his campaign funds and spending the money on personal expenses.

Scarborough was charged with improperly claiming “per diem” expenses in excess of $40,000 for travel that didn’t take place. If convicted on all charges, he faces up to 37 years in prison.

From there, the Democrat’s afternoon didn’t get much better.  He was later facing 11 counts from federal prosecutors – including 7 counts of wire fraud and 4 counts of theft.

Scarborough recently ran unopposed for his Queens-based Assembly seat despite being under federal criminal indictment.


New York

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