Martha Robertson, the Democrat candidate for Congress in NY-23, isn’t backing away from her support for Obamacare.  No, instead she believes it has run into problems because Republicans underfunded the website.  Seriously.

Via the NRCC:

Martha Robertson (NY-23) has a very “interesting” Obamacare strategy. Apparently, she is going around the campaign trail blaming Republicans for problems with because Republicans “refused to put in the kind of money that would help Human Services department needed to be able to run the website.”

Here is the video:

Legal Insurrection adds:

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At a recent public event held at Cornell, Robertson reiterated that her goal was to “fix” Obamacare. That was Alex Sink’s strategy in Florida District 13 recently, and it flopped.

Among the points Robertson argued is that Republicans actively sabotaged Obamacare’s rollout by underfunding the website.

But we know, as reported widely, that the website problems were not for lack of funding. In fact, hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on the website.

Toward the end of 2013, the Hill reported that $319 million had been spent on the site up to that point, but there were $677 million in obligations that would be paid in total.

For a website.

It would appear Robertson has trouble understanding how websites work.  She made an unproven allegation that “GOP ops” hacked her website, then solicited a fundraising e-mail off of that allegation.  A tactic which the NRCC points out may have been a federal crime.

Of course, that may have been a better fundraising tactic than the one she pulled off in September of last year, where she invited a “singer convicted of taking “improper liberties” with a 14-year-old girl.

But who are we to judge?