Dem Candidate Can’t Think of Any Issues That Are Important To Him

You would think a candidate for Congress would be slightly better prepared to field a basic question such as, “What issues are important to you?”

And yet Aaron Woolf, candidate running in the 21st District, could only muster up this response…

“No comment.”


Woolf had no comment when asked what issues are important to him in the north country.

Woolf is a documentary filmmaker, reportedly co-owns a grocery store in Brooklyn, and is registered to vote in Essex County.  He has no prior political experience, but wrote in an earlier news release he’s eager to discuss his ideas with north country voters.

He’s eager, just not necessarily right now.

Woolf is the lone Democrats running for the seat being vacated by fellow Democrat Bill Owens.  The Republicans will likely have a primary come down to either Elise Stefanik or Matt Doheny.

Woolf has been running for Congress for several weeks, but still can’t identify an issue important to him or the district he hopes to serve?

This prompted NRCC spokesman Ian Prior to suggest a new career path for Woolf:

“It’s absolutely pathetic that Aaron Woolf has been running for Congress for weeks and still refuses to talk about the issues that are important to voters in the North Country. If this is the kind of candidate that Woolf is going to be, perhaps he should try running for an office like dog catcher before he seeks an office that requires open and honest dialogue of important issues.”

The Watertown Daily Times all but handed the race to whichever Republican comes out on top during the primary, saying “by then, the Democratic candidate will be so far behind in fundraising, campaigning and learning about the district that he can never hope to catch up.”

Perhaps by then Woolf will have developed a few comments for his concession speech.


New York

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