Dem Campaign Manager Allegedly Sent Former Boss an Obscene and Racist E-Mail

Though he is denying it, former Democrat Campaign Manager Brian Young, or somebody from an IP address located at his home address, sent a racist and obscene e-mail to his former boss, calling her among other things, “a racist c***,” a “worthless 3rd world non-American piece of garbage,” and told her to take her “spic family and that unborn welfare addict in your gut and go the [expletive] back to Mexico.”

Monica Arias Miranda is a Democrat who previously ran for the Senate seat in the 46th District in Western Albany, a position eventually captured by Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk in 2012.  Young served as her campaign manager during that election.

State Police have charged Young with aggravated harassment based on an e-mail sent to Miranda from his home address.  Young is calling it “digital forgery”, though he and Miranda have had a long-standing and tumultuous dispute over wages related to the campaign.

Via the Times Union:

Miranda filed a complaint several weeks ago and handed over the offensive communication, which was sent through her campaign website, that called her “a racist fraud [c-word].” According to a copy provided by Miranda, the sender gave the bogus e-mail address “[email protected]

“You are nothing but a worthless 3rd world non american piece of garbage,” the message continues. ” … Do us all a favor. Take your spic family and that unborn welfare addict in your gut and go the [expletive] back to mexico!”

Miranda, who was born in Costa Rica, was pregnant at the time.

In a news release Thursday afternoon, Miranda said she was “shocked to see that the person responsible is someone I have known and hired to work for me. … Had I known of Mr. Young’s true opinions towards immigrants back in 2012, I would have never hired him to serve as my campaign manager.”

Young’s resume on LinkedIn includes a stint as a Field Coordinator for the NYS Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee.  Part of the job description reads, “Played an integral role in DACC’s 2006 and 2008 general campaign strategy that captured the largest Democratic Assembly supermajority in NYS history.”

Young believes that one of “numerous web resources” may have been used to create the appearance that the offending e-mail came from his location, but doesn’t know who might perpetrate such an elaborate scheme.

For her part, Miranda has frequently proven wishy-washy during her political career, capitalizing on current events to claim at a press conference that she had been a victim of sexual harassment during her years of work in the Assembly, prompting some to question whether her story was simply a political move.  She also claimed to be a victim of the “good-old-boy network” when she was not endorsed by her own party, and endorsed Tcakzyk’s opponent after the sleight.

Additionally, Miranda was fired from her position on the Assembly Ways & Means Committee by Assemblyman Peter Rivera for setting up unauthorized news conferences.

The way Miranda and Young operate, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe either one of them could be setting up the other.  Time will tell.  Until then this appears to be a case of Democrat on Democrat crime.

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