Apparently the heat from last week’s gun control rally got to state Assemblyman Al Stirpe, a Democrat representing the 121st district.

Stirpe voted in favor of New York’s gun legislation, the SAFE Act.

During a meeting on Thursday, several protesters asked the Assemblyman questions that they described as “legitimate and sincere”.

But Stirpe felt he was being shouted down without being able to provide answers to the questions.  And that’s when this happened…

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“I said ‘If you blanking guys would care more about education and the crumbling roads and bridges in our state, you’d be living in a better state.’ That was it,” Stirpe said Tuesday.

Several persons walked out of the room.

Several witnesses said Stirpe used the expletive at least two times, with one man claiming five times.

Fortunately, Stirpe didn’t shout the f-word ten times, which in NY would be considered an ‘assault’ expletive.

Mike Mastrogiovanni, who was present at the meeting and serves as vice president of Shooters Committee on Political Education, claims Stirpe dropped the f-bomb “repeatedly” and in the presence of children.

In response, Mastrogiovanni mailed the Assemblyman a bar of soap, a toothbrush, and instructions on how to use them.