During testimony before Congress this morning, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter testified that he believes ISIS is not contained as President Obama has claimed.

Senator John McCain asked Carter if he agreed with previous testimony from General Joseph Dunford, the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that “we have not contained ISIL.”

Carter responded that “I agree with what General Dunford said, yes.”

Watch the testimony below …

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The testimony adds another layer to Obama’s failed strategy to combat or ‘contain’ ISIS. Aside from Obama being called out for his falsehoods, Carter’s comments also add to an already nervous Democrat party who has to answer for the President’s failures.

Via the New York Times:

With national security dominating the presidential race, many Democrats feel that while Mr. Obama may offer the nation — and their party — a rational rejoinder to the often bombastic Donald J. Trump, he still underwhelms. “The president is trying to lay out a plan that is thoughtful,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California. “It may not be robust enough.”

Democrats generally remain supportive of Mr. Obama’s pledge that the United States should not again send large numbers of ground troops to the region. But Senate Democrats, who have long suffered the image of being weak on national security, are scrambling this week to push their own set of antiterrorism measures, including sanctions and ways to keep guns out of the hands of people on a terrorist watch list.

Carter’s declaration that ISIS is not contained is yet another reminder of the weak national security leadership the Democrat party has embraced.  Their party’s presidential front runner, Hillary Clinton, recently said her strategy to combat ISIS is very similar to Obama’s.

Their strategies are clearly designed to lose, as ISIS is not contained.

Do we need a third term of the Obama/Clinton failed national security policy?