Defense Department Asked if We’re Winning Against ISIS, And We Still Dont Have an Answer

At a press conference held at the Pentagon, Rear Adm. John Kirby discussed the ongoing air strikes being conducted against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The Department of Defense spokesman struggled to give a positive assessment.

Kirby was asked about a determination by Senator John McCain that the U.S.-led coalition is actually losing the fight against ISIS. Instead of replying with ‘we are defeating them soundly’ or ‘victory is imminent,’ Kirby went with this answer.

Larry O’Connor at Truth Revolt writes:

Rear Admiral Kirby appeared to be caught off-guard by the question. As if the topic of actually winning the war against terror was not really a frequent topic of conversation in the Obama Defense Department. He then went on to give the most excrutiating non-answer to the question that is sure to instill nothing but trepidation in the hearts of our allies and confidence in our enemies’ hollow chests that would contain a heart if they had one.

Rather than simply saying we are winning, Kirby continued to stammer on with his answer, using such phrases as well, “they’re not getting a win everywhere” and “there are areas where we are having success.”

That would also seem to indicate that ISIS is getting some wins and that there are areas where we are not having success.

What do you think? Has the administration developed a plan that will defeat ISIS?  Tell us why or why not below.

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