A former supporter and man ranked as one of the wealthiest black business leaders in the country, ripped New York City mayor Bill de Blasio as an anti-business, anti-cop, socialist.

Don Peebles announced that he’s actually considering a run against de Blasio for mayor in 2016 because “he’s failed.”

“He’s anti-business, he’s anti-wealth, he’s anti-accomplishment,” Peebles explained.  “His performance has not been up to par. He’s failed.”

Peebles and his wife contributed nearly $10,000 to de Blasio’s campaign in 2013.  He is a lifelong Democrat.

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He then turned to attacking de Blasio for his actions involving the NYPD.

Via the New York Post:

Describing himself as a “pro-business” Democrat, Peebles described de Blasio as a divisive “socialist” who wants to punish wealthy people with higher taxes.

“My approach is to expand opportunity by increasing the size of the pie, not taking away from others. The mayor is supposed to be the mayor of all the people, not be the mayor of the Socialist Party.”

He slammed de Blasio on numerous fronts, from his management skills to his chat with his son, Dante, about how to act if approached by cops.

“That was disrespectful,” Peebles said. “What he should have been saying is that the NYPD is the best police department in the country.”

De Blasio’s divisive comments and heated rhetoric helped stoke racial flames that eventually led to thousands of NYPD members turning their backs on the mayor during a funeral for fallen Officer Rafael Ramos.

De Blasio also referred to police action in the Eric Garner case as being guided by “centuries of racism” and said he had to tell his son Dante, who is biracial, that he should never reach for his cellphone when interacting with police because he ‘might be misinterpreted if it was a young man of color’ by police.

He continued to spit in the face of his own police force when it was discovered that he was privately organizing a campaign to smear any police officers that attempted to embarrass him.

Peebles stated that he will likely primary de Blasio as a Democrat.  He does have some political experience, having served on President Obama’s national finance committee and held fundraisers for former President Bill Clinton.