‘Part-Time Bill’ Keeping Secret Personal Legal Debt to Law Firm with
Business Before the City


A leading national law firm, with significant business before the City of New York has been providing Mayor Bill de Blasio with top criminal defense counsel — without payment or disclosure of the amount or terms –a situation that raises serious pay-to-play questions, New York State Republican Chairman Ed Cox today charged printed font for free. Mr. de Blasio is already facing six separate criminal probes.
Chairman Cox called on Mayor de Blasio to immediately release the terms of his retainer agreement, as well as the amount due under that agreement office 365 download op mac. He stated that such arrangement with Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel, LLP–who he has high professional regard for–is putting the firm in a potentially unhealthy ethical dilemma o2 is not working.
“Mayor de Blasio has an outstanding debt of what has to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal services from a firm with significant interest before the City,” Chairman Cox said herunterladen. “That doesn’t only look bad, but the Mayor could be breaking the law. While law firms are known for offering discounted rates to governments, a personal discounted fee would compound the legal and ethical issues raised by this arrangement.”
Mayor de Blasio, who harangued the previous mayoral administration for lacking transparency, has always acted as though the rules don’t pertain to him, Chairman Cox said zoom herunterladen und ausführen.

“The moniker ‘Part-time Bill’ de Blasio fits this mayor to a tee,” Chairman Cox continued. “While children are dying under ACS care, homelessness is exploding on our streets, and taxpayers are shelling out a billion dollars a year to cover trip-and-fall injuries while sidewalks go unfixed, Part-time Bill is waking up late and sipping lattes on his way to a Brooklyn gym download crossword puzzles. The Mayor is entitled to criminal defense counsel, but he needs to live up to his promises of a transparent administration and immediately disclose the terms and amounts involved.”