Dana Loesch: We Could Cut Funding To Planned Parenthood To Pay for Trump’s Military Parade



>> Martha: Joining me now Dana Loesch a national radio host and Jessica tarlov fox News contributor and muscle.com. Of course this prompts the question have we done this before and yes we have. In 1991 there was a military parade, George H.W. Bush initiated it. And, you know, there is a look at what they did back then after the Iraq war. So, Jessica, is there anything wrong with this?

>> I don’t think so. I don’t think there is anything implicitly wrong with this. We do have days where we celebrate veterans and our servicemen and women. Memorial day, veterans day are for that fourth of July gets very raw, raw, U.S.A.

>> Martha: That’s kind of the idea.

>> I don’t think anyone should have a problem with that there is a cost issue. D.C. Council is concerned about the roads there I would like to make sure if we are going to do this we celebrate all of our servicemen and women. Lgtq. We know the president wants to ban transgender people from serving in the army. Make sure that’s not the case in the parade. Honor our heros in a cost fixture way I guess.

>> Martha: I imagine they would be marching regardless of what their sexual orientation is. I don’t think anybody would know or care. Dana, what do you think?

>> Well, I agree with what was said about the cost issue as well, I mean, as long as if we can reduce spending overall, I think that’s, you know, I’m not opposed to hearing anything about a parade. And we also don’t know exactly what the president is talking about either. I mean, the secretary of defense was saying that there they are sending up a couple of options we don’t know what we are looking at it could be like general Mattis walking down the street and staring protesters down.

>> Very cost efficient version it?

>> Would be very cost efficient. I would also like to see a focus on, perhaps, rehabilitating for the lack of a better way to put it the V.A. But, I mean, you know, parades are fun things. I mean, what have we done as the United States in the past, what past couple decades? We have disseminated the tallan. We busted the Taliban and ISIS. We have reclaimed mostly and mosul andbin laden there are a lot of things to celebrate accomplishment of the united States military as a whole.

>> Martha: It’s not like a flyover. Everybody love as flyover. Nobody complains about the nature of a flyover. We heard people on different shows this morning complaining about it people never pay any attention to costs. You know, we are looking at 19 trillion-dollar debt in this country. But the second something like this comes up, you know, dick Durbin says it’s too expensive, Jessica. I wonder why he doesn’t ever say anything sells too expensive.

>> Now Republicans and Democrats both have no concern for how expensive things are.

>> Martha: Really?

>> The Senate funding bill proved that the concern here is when you are going to be spending this amount of money and we have some veterans who are homeless in America we need as Dana pointed out to fix the healthcare system to veterans to improve that if this is the best use of those funds, no one wants to take anything away from their sacrifice and contribution to this nation. If those dollars are available. There are a few people living on the street who I’m sure would love have-to-have a home.

>> Martha: I’m not surprised if they could get donors to pay for this parade, Dana. They probably could pull that of O I’m always amazed why a parade costs so much. Why does a parade cost $12 million? Does anybody have a question?

LOESCH: They this donors with the World War II mommy. Memorial. I have a great idea. We could cut funding to Planned Parenthood.

>> That’s a really bad idea, Dana.

>> Martha: We were doing so well.

>> That would be great.

>> Martha: I want to know why it would cost $12 million to close down the streets to have a parade. There is some security issues involved, obviously. But I mean $12 million?

LOESCH: And have you hundreds of millions of dollars that go to Planned Parenthood. Just a drop in the bucket out of the planned Parenthood budget would cover.

TARLOV: This Dana, again, no on the cutting Planned Parenthood.

>> Martha: We got where you both are on that.

>> You don’t want a parade. I pledge to you.

[Talking at the same time]

>> Patriotism.

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