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>> It began spontaneously in Benghazi, as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in Cairo sparked by this hateful video kann nichts mehr herunterladen. He served the United States with honor and distinction. We’re able to find a solution that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished herunterladen. Pete, that’s one heck of a compilation Susan Rice always had a complicated relationship with the truth. Latest revelation that members of the Obama Administration may have misled the public will chemical weapons in Syria has our next guest wondering if he can believe anything she says wie kann man musik aus youtube herunterladen.

Clayton: Joining us with his thoughts is former secret Service agent Dan bongino. Nice to see you this morning.

Abby: Hey, Dan.

>>Good to see you guys, too scp ordner herunterladen.

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Clayton: Does she have a little trouble with the truth?

>> By the way, Pete, I love you, man. You are an athlete, you are a warrior but my gosh kostenlos eisenbahn simulator downloaden. Lip sync.

Abby: She lost her career because she lip synced.

>> You had me laughing.

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Clayton: Cats running out.

>> I said to the poor guy in the studio icloud backup on pc. I said law laughing at? He said have you got to see this. Get in front of the camera. Serious note with Susan Rice. Does it bother anybody out there that Susan Rice has better intelligence on the Trump team than she seems to have on Benghazi, on Bowe Bergdahl on chemical weapons and even worse, on her own spying on the Trump Administration, which she was caught being about as well cad for free. You know, guys, this was not some incidental advisor to the Obama Administration this was very close inside person to Barack Obama. Close relationship samsung galaxy sprache herunterladen. This should bother every American and reflects very poorly on the past administration history of dishonesty.

Abby: She C knows how to do it well kostenlose lebenslauf vorlagen herunterladen. If Congress wants her to testify, what is to stop her from taking the fifth.

>> This something I have been on top of for a while now. We have to get her on the record bildbearbeitungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden computer bild. Lying on television is one thing. Let’s be honest, a lot of people have been known to bend the truth and wag the dog a little bit on TV. Doing it front of a congressional committee is entirely different. American people entitled to the truth. It’s interesting how the left do this one sentence activism all the time, right? Hands up, don’t shoot. Bush lied, people died. Both of those things were not correct. You know with Susan Rice not to be silly about it but Susan Rice spied and people died. The Republicans should pay back the favor a little bit Susan Rice this history of dishonesty can be summed up. She spied on trump, she admitted to it and now people sadly and tragically died in Syria because she said that Obama Administration had made sure that they availablably gave up their stockpile of weapons, which is categorically not true.

Pete: American people would love to see her raise her right hand under oath and answer these questions. See if she changes her tune or takes the fifth.

Clayton: Speaking of change tunes.

Abby: Thank you for calling Pete out for what’s true…