Dan Bongino on FISA Abuse: This Was ‘Using the Constitution as Toilet Paper’



>> He has abdicated his responsibilities as commander-in-chief by protecting people, by protecting our intelligence sources and the rest. If the president uses this fake, horrible release of distorted intelligence as an excuse to fire Rosenstein or Mueller, it could lead to a constitutional crisis. Todd: With that as the backdrop, let’s bring in Dan Bongino. Mr. Bongino it’s always a pleasure to speak with you, especially on post memo day. And I was watching some of the other shows yesterday, other networks. I heard the phrase nothing burger uttered. Your response?”

BONGINO: “Nothingburger, you mean like the lighting up the Constitution, shedding of the Constitution, using the Constitution as toilet paper? I don’t know what I’m more disgusted by the memo or the filthy media acolytes and their liberal bootlickers pretending there is nothing in that memo. Let’s be Chris call clear about what’s in that memo. The Donald Trump team was spied on. It was spied on due to a dossier, the number two at the FBI said would have never — this dossier was critical to getting those warrants to spy on people. You know, elements of the police state, guys, are already here. They are all here to rounds of applause by the Democrats and their media buddies. It’s a real shame what happened. Rachel: Dan, you say this is one of the most consequential scandals in American politics in recent memory. You are also very good about bringing up Obama in this who seems to have gotten off clean. This all happened under his watch or a lot of this.”

>> You know, I used to say it was likely one of the more consequential. It is now the most consequential, no question, political scandal in American history. Let’s be absolutely clear what happened. The Obama team during a critical, political election, found a way to circumvent U.S. Law, jump over judicial restraint and found a way to spy on the Donald Trump team. After Donald Trump is elected president and he is in that transition phase, they find a way to basically reverse engineer crimes against the trump people to justify prosecutions into people like general Mike Flynn. I mean, folks, listen, Rachel, this is an important point here. These aren’t political disagreements here. These are agreements about who we are as a country. If nothing is done about what happened to the trump team, we are already in the midst of a cold civil war. There is no doubt about it. Ed: Dan, would you acknowledge though at least have you made a lot of important points that at least the way it’s supposed to work with FISA and obviously we will learn a lot more in the days ahead as to whether or not the Constitution was shredded as you suggested at the top. The way it’s supposed to work is that the dossier would have been maybe a key piece as Republicans are claiming but that there was other evidence that we are not seeing today that that FISA warrant is dozens and dozens of pages. There is a possibility, to be fair, that there is more evidence there that was used to get the FISA warrant?

>> You know, Ed, listen, as a former federal agent, if I were to go into federal court, right? So let’s just set up. You are saying, okay, the dossier may have been have been a piece of larger profile. Let’s say I walk into federal court and I’m a federal agent involved in a murder case, right? And I testified in court that I found the body. And me finding the body is a small piece of evidence in the case. There is a gun. There is other stuff. All of a sudden the guy who is supposed to be dead walks in the back of the court and says hey, I’m here. That’s a pretty big piece of evidence that went out the door. The dossier was, according to the number two at the FBI, the central core focus of the FISA warrant. That’s not Dan Bongino talking. That is the number two agent at the FBI. I’m sorry, this was a shredding of the Constitution. Full stop. Todd: Dan, I want to get your opinion on the following. Kind of got lost in the shuffle with memo-gate yesterday. A judge blocked the release of Comey’s memos documenting conversations with president Trump. Why does this matter?

>> It matter because this entire special counsel investigation was started by James Comey’s leaking of classified information in those very same memos he wrote. It’s clear now that James Comey had some personal animus towards Donald Trump. His soul target seem to be to start a special counsel and then subsequent impeachment hearings later on. James Comey was a political actor at the end. He was not a law enforcement actor. Rachel: Thank you, Daniel, you always do a good job of breaking this down and helping us focus on what really matter in these important moments. Thanks for joining us this morning.

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