Dan Bongino Blasts Adam Schiff: Of All the Liars in the D.C. Swamp, He Is the ‘Gold Medal Winner’



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BRENNAN: “The fact that Devin Nunes and Republicans denied the ability of the minority, the democratic members of that committee to put out its report, is just appalling. And I think it really underscores just how partisan Mr. Nunes has been. He has abused the office of the chairmanship of hip hipsy and I don’t say that lightly.”

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KILEMADE: “John Brennan making his debut sounding like political pundit. Bring in former NYPD officer, former secret Service agent and host of the Dan Bongino podcast and show. Dan, first off, your take on his assessment of the memo. This is the first time we have spoken since this came out.”

BONGINO: “The nerve of this guy, Brian, John Brennan, talking about abuse of power? Let’s be absolutely clear what happened here. The Obama Administration spied on the trump team while he was running for president against Obama’s chosen candidate and this guy is on TV talking about abuse of power? Listen to me they are panicking, because every explanation they have tried to give why the Obama team was spying on the trump team has absolutely collapsed and fallen apart. By the way is he also lying about that they did not block the release of the democratic memo. They simply said it has to go through the same avenue as the Republican memo, which the Democrats don’t want. Because that’s what they do. They lie and they lie well.”

EARHARDT: “What is the status of that? Everyone would like to see that. They have a chance to refute what the Republicans are saying.”

BONGINO: “Well, the Republican memo, the process was. This they wanted every member of the house that wanted to read it to be able to read it first, and the FBI, in case they had any objection. The Democrats don’t want that with their memo. They want to release it and release it to the press right away and do their own thing. It’s the Democrats who blocked the release of their own memo, not the Republicans. But they lie. That’s all they do is lie. It’s really pathetic what’s going on. It’s sad to watch.”

DOOCY: “Does sound as if the Republicans are going to bring up the topic today and have a vote in committee whether or not to release the democratic portion of it, the rebuttal, the 10 pager. Listen to, this Dan, here is Adam Schiff, the California congressman, despite what we have heard from the memo on Friday, he says the FISA court actually knew that the dossier was funded by the Democrats, which is extraordinary, nonetheless, here he says it.”

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STEPHANOPOULOS: “You are saying the court was told that the dossier was funded by a political actor?”

SCHIFF: “Yes, that there was a political actor behind it. And this is, again, part of the misleading character of this document. And George I want to, you know, comment on this claim by my Republican colleagues that this is oversight. They are just doing this as a matter of oversight and asking this questions why wasn’t this included?”

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DOOCY: “So there he is saying that they knew there was a political actor in it, which is extraordinary because you would think they would not be granted the FISA warrant if they knew there were politics involved.”

KILEMADE: “There was a footnote this is referring to.”

BONGINO: “Yeah. This guy, let me tell you something, of all the liars in the D.C. swamp, this guy is the gold medal winner, and that he does it with such fluidity and ease is amazing. Here’s — here’s — look, notice the language he uses; well, the FISA court may have known there was a political act involved. Let me just give you a quick analogy here. OK. Which political actor? Politics matters. If I’m running for office, right, and my neighbor who is running against me goes and file as complaint against me for some ridiculous charge and they tell the court oh, someone in palm city filed the complaint. Which one? Oh, it’s the neighbor running against bank for office? That may matter, guys. This guy is unbelievable the way he delicately moves around the facts.”

KILEMADE: “Dan, look at the memo, go back and forth on it. And people say okay, I’m with trump or I’m not, final. But here’s the other thing that I want you to take on. Papadopoulos not mentioned in the memo was first looked at, brought up about an interaction he had in may. The investigation starts in July. How do you explain that and how it may or may not mesh with Carter, you know,.”

DOOCY: “Page.”

KILEMADE: “Carter Page?”

BONGINO: “The papadopoulos — the papadopoulos and Carter Page as the boogie man story, guys, is falling apart. Papadopoulos, if he was an international James bond-like spy for the Russians, then why wasn’t he interviewed until January? The interaction he had was in may, guys, why wasn’t he interviewed in January? Carter Page, if Carter Page is the boogie man and he was so significant of a foreign agent in this, that he was working for the Russians and he was going to bring down the United States, why was the initial FISA warrant against Carter Page denied? Why wasn’t Carter Page’s FISA warrant approved until after he left the trump campaign? Why? And one more thing, guys. If Carter Page is an international boogie man responsible for the most significant counter intelligence investigation against a political figure, Donald Trump in U.S. History.”

DOOCY: “Right.”

BONGINO: “Why is Carter Page still free? Why is he on cable news with no lawyer? Does that make sense to you.”

EARHARDT: “The question this weekend I was down in south Carolina I kept hearing I was on the airplane and people behind me talking about this, do you think someone is going to go to prison?”

BONGINO: “I’m not sure about prison but I’m pretty confident civil liability there. There have been out there on cable news amazingly Hester printing America. Calling people foreign agents. Russian spice there have been members of Congress — I don’t know Carter Page. I don’t know what the FBI has. I’m telling you if you are going to go out there on cable news and accuse this guy of being a Russian spy, you damn well better have your facts together. You are exposing yourself to some significant liability.”

DOOCY: “You are right about that. Joining us from palm city, Florida, where we don’t know anybody who is complaining about Dan Bongino.”

BONGINO: “To his face.”

KILEMADE: “They are smarter than that”

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