Dan Bongino: ‘Adam Schiff Is the Snake; He Is the Biggest Fraud on Capitol Hill’


DOOCY: “Dan, ultimately people like Adam Schiff, the Democrat from California, is he doing his best to keep all this from coming out or is he just playing the loyal opposition?”

BONGINO: “Adam Schiff is a snake. He is the biggest fraud on Capitol Hill right now. Adam Schiff is doing the Democrats’ dirty work in trying to cover up. Here’s the problem, Steve. I don’t know how to say this anymore candidly. The Obama team spied on the Trump team. The liberals have married themselves to years to this facade that they are civil liberty advocates. That’s gone now. That is completely gone. They will be police state advocates from this point on when the public learns the true story of the extent of the Obama team spying on the Trump team and it will decimate the liberal brand forever. And Schiff is the one who has been sent out there to lie and deceive in order to try and save this, but they can’t. Because remember, guys, there are court transcripts. The Democrats can’t run from this. There is no plausible deniability.”

KILMEADE: “We have to see them.”

DOOCY: “It’s that kind of straight talking that’s going to put you number one in the podcast world.”

BONGINO: “As I said, we try harder.”

DOOCY: “Dan Bongino, thank you very much.”

EARHARDT: “I agree with you. Transcripts, we need to see them. Jillian has some more headlines for us.”

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