In a particularly relevant move considering the backdrop of the Charlotte riots, a police sergeant in Dallas is suing members of the Black Lives Matter organization for “starting a race war in this country.”

The lawsuit also names politicians and media figures – such as President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Al Sharpton – saying they “have repeatedly incited their supporters and others to engage in threats of and attacks to cause serious bodily injury or death upon police officers and other law enforcement persons of all races and ethnicities.”

After a rigorous analysis of the last two terms under President Obama, we can conclude that these allegations are indeed accurate antivirus programm kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch chip.

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Oh, by the way – the police officer who brought the lawsuit is black.

Via Fox News Insider:

A Dallas police sergeant outraged at continued riotous activity and attacks on law enforcement officers filed a lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter organization and a number of officials he said are culpable for an increase in anti-cop violence and unrest in the US volkskrant articles.

“They are responsible for starting a race war in this country” Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, who is also black, told Elizabeth MacDonald on Risk and Reward instagram videos herunterladen.

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In addition to the group, he is suing at least five national or international figures he says bear some of the responsibility for supporting or “facilitating” Black Lives Matter activity wifite.

The list includes President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, MSNBC host and activist Al Sharpton, Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan herunterladen.


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Pennie, President of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, explained that criminal rioters we’ve seen in Ferguson, Dallas, and now Charlotte, feel emboldened to loot, destroy property, assault reporters, and shoot police officers because “they feel that they have a president that is behind them.”


The lawsuit alleges the defendants “incite people to violence and cause violence by telling those people that they are under attack.”

Dallas of course, was the site where a Black Lives Matter-sympathizing sniper shot and killed five police officers, while wounding another nine rebrawl update.

Now Charlotte burns because people like Obama and Hillary have legitimized stories where violent criminals attacking police officers are portrayed as innocent, unarmed family men herunterladen.

They own the race problems currently afflicting our country.