Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Adopts “Angels” for Salvation Army Program

Few NFL rookies have made an impact on their team in the manner Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has. Prescott, a fourth round pick that had ranked behind four other quarterbacks on their draft board, has taken a 4-12 team a year ago to the first team to clinch a playoff birth this season. He has set records for rookies previously set by the likes of Tom Brady and Warren Moon, and is a leading candidate for Rookie of the Year, if not MVP of the league.

But his off-the-field actions may be even more impressive. Dak, you see, is a devoted family and community man.

He hails from a blue-collar town where he was recognized by neighbors for always being helpful in their small trailer park community. His jersey number was chosen to match his mother’s birthday, and despite the fact that she passed away in 2013, Prescott still sends her text messages after games and for big events in his life. When Dakmania was on the rise, the Cowboys quarterback shunned a late night television appearance and an endorsement deal to instead fly home on his bye week to spend time with his grandma. He has looked to star athlete Tim Tebow for guidance, even naming his dog after the outspoken Christian football player.

That guidance is clearly rubbing off on the rookie. Prescott was recently caught at a local Target store quietly purchasing gifts for angels he adopted through a Salvation Army program.

Via TheBlaze:

Sure, he’s an NFL rookie who’s leading a team that is currently sitting in first place in the NFC East, but Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has a side to him even more impressive than his accurate arm.

Prescott was spotted in a Dallas area Target on Sunday night, and when an employee asked him if he needed any assistance, the quarterback gave him an answer he likely wasn’t expecting.

He told Target employee Stuart Newton that he was shopping for Christmas gifts for several angels he had adopted from the The Salvation Army/NBC 5 Tree program.

The Salvation Army placed Christmas trees at 11 malls around the Dallas/Fort Worth area this year. Hanging on the branches of the trees are “angel” tags, which all give the first name, age, gender, clothing size, wish item, and need item for a local child in need.

The Target employee posted his own picture to social media …

What’s missing from this picture? No entourage for Prescott. No media gaggle making sure to document his charitable effort. Just a regular Target shopper, looking for things on his own to benefit a charity, only recognized when an employee comes up to him to offer help.

This isn’t the first time Prescott has received attention for doing something he considers the right thing. Earlier this season, a video of him missing the garbage can on the sideline when trying to throw out his cup went viral. Why? Because instead of waiting for the cleaning crew to come through and pick it up, he got off the bench and picked it up himself.

It may seem small but this video says a lot about Dak Prescott. pic.twitter.com/kzUNRKP5bb

— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) November 20, 2016


Simple, but how many star athletes would do such a thing?

Perhaps it’s a sad commentary on today’s athlete that someone so grounded and so rooted in family values stands out. Or maybe we can just sit back and enjoy some good news this Christmas, from a good guy who wants to help other people.

We’re choosing the latter. Merry Christmas to Dak Prescott and all of his adopted angels.

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